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FabLab: Print a 3D Model: FabLab 3D Software

Learn how to print a 3D model using our FabLab 3D Print Tools.


Please download your model as an .STL file.  Maximum build volume for printing to the FabLab's Dremel 3D20 printer is 9" x 5.9" x 5.5".  However, models can be scaled using our slicer software.  Also, please check copyright guidelines - most models are freely available for print under a Creative Commons - Non Commercial license but require some attribution.

Dremel DigiLab Slicer - Cura Based

Meshmixer (HP Sprout)

123D Sculpt+ (HP Sprout)

Blender (iMac)


TinkerCAD (Web-Based)

SketchUp (Web-Based)

FabLab 3D Software

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Reserving the FabLab

Users must reserve the FabLab through the LibCal online reservation system.  Only two users are permitted to use the room at one time.  Users must indicate which equipment they plan to make use of when they fill out the associated booking form. In the event that a piece of equipment is not operational, the library staff will attempt to contact users who have previously made reservations; however, this courtesy is not guaranteed.