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Library Services: A Guide for Faculty: Using Library Materials and Services

Information for RCC faculty about the library, its collection, and services

Locating Learning Resources

How do I check out library materials?

Checking Out Materials

What do I need to check out books?
An RCC ID card with a library barcode is required to check out materials.  Faculty may obtain a library barcode at the library’s circulation desk.

For how long can I check books out?
Materials are checked out to faculty for a period of 3 months. Renewals may be made by visiting the library with the materials or by calling the library (910-272-3327). A maximum of 2 renewals are allowed for each book checked out; however, items will not be renewed if other RCC patrons have placed holds on those materials.  (Note: The checkout period for students is 3 weeks.)

Where do I return checked-out books?
All checked-out materials should be returned either to the library, placed in the library book drop located between the flag poles in front of the college, or placed in the library's mailbox in Building #2.

Where if I lose the books that I have checked-out?
Please notify the library that the materials have been lost so that we can seek to replace them as soon as possible.  Users will be responsible for the replacement cost of the materials in addition to a $5.00 processing fee. 

How do I request that a librarian teach my students about using the library's resources?

Librarians are available to instruct students on how to find, use, and evaluate print and electronic information sources.  To schedule a session with a librarian, instructors should  email us at with requests for librarian instruction a minimum of two weeks prior to the anticipated workshop date.  .

The Library Instruction Lab boasts 22 all-in-one desktop computers with 17″ monitors, classroom management software, sleek work areas, and a digital SMARTboard.  To reserve the Instruction Lab, go to the LibCal page and select the room under “Room Bookings” on the upper left side of the page.  

Library Orientations: General library orientations provide a short summary of the library’s resources. Students will learn about the library’s online catalog of in-house, printed materials, as well as be given a brief overview of the multitude of subscription databases. In addition, they will be given a quick tour of the library’s website and all of the various resources available online.

Custom Library Instruction: Schedule a custom library instruction class that introduces library resources and information literacy concepts tailored specifically for your course and/or the needs of a specific group of students. Classes typically range from 30-minutes to 1-hour and prove especially effective when arranged to coincide with a research assignment.