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Faculty Guide to Library Services: Student Use of the Library's Computers

Information for RCC faculty about the library, its collection, and services

Computer and Internet Use Policy

The RCC Library provides Internet access to students, instructors, staff, and visitors.  The College’s Internet and Computer Network Acceptable Use Policy applies to the Library, as well as to the College as a whole (refer to the Student Handbook).  

Internet access at RCC is a privilege, and all users are expected to exercise responsible and ethical behavior when using computers.  Users who violate rules may lose the privilege of using the Library’ resources.  Serious offenses may lead to disciplinary action by the College.

Priority for use will be given to enrolled students who need computers for research and homework assignments.  If a patron leaves a computer station, but intentionally leaves personal items behind, staff may allow another patron to use the computer in question, if needed.  If all computers are in use, please inquire at the information desk about checking out a laptop.  Staff has the right to ask patrons to vacate a computer if it is needed for school use.