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FabLab/Makerspace (Rm 426): Podcasting Basics

3D printing, poster-size printing, conferencing and video-making equipment.


Welcome to our guide, Make a Podcast @ the FabLab.  Use this guide to:

  • learn the basics of podcasting
  • find information and tutorials on how to create a podcast using FabLab software and equipment
  • find popular hosting platforms
  • find popular podcasts

Step 1: Develop Your Ideas

What will be your topic or theme?

Will you have a co-host?

What will be its name?

What will be its format?

Will you write a script for each episode?

What kind of cover artwork will you create?

What podcasting host site will you use?

Step 3: Record & Edit

Tutorial: Podcasting for Beginners


Source:  Butler University Libraries. (2018). Podcasts [infographic]. Retrieved from


Step 2: Set-Up FabLab Appointment

  • Sign up for FabLab Station #1 to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create cover art. 
  • Create your cover art with any device using Canva, Adobe Spark, or another free online graphic design application. 
  • Find free (or create) music loops and music beds for your transitional segments.
  • Sign up for FabLab Station #1 to record using Adobe Audition with Blue Yeti Microphone.
  • Sign up for FabLab Station #2 to record using Audacity or GarageBand with built-in mic.

Step 4: Upload & Share RSS Feed

ACX - Audio Terminology Glossary