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FabLab/Makerspace (Rm 426): Print a 3D Model

3D printing, poster-size printing, conferencing and video-making equipment.

FabLab 3D Print Workflow

Step #1 ↓

Find or create a 3D model.

Step #2↓

Export or download your model as .STL file.

Step #3↓

Save .STL file to flashdrive.

Step #4↓

Reserve FabLab Station #3 here:  

Step #5↓

Bring flashdrive or .STL to appointment. 

Step #6↓

FabLab staff will import .STL into Meshmixer on the HP Sprout for repair and then export it to the Dremel DigiLab 3D Slicer software to scale and convert to a .gcode file.

Step #7

FabLab staff will then save and print your 3D model to our Dremel 3D20 printer.  Users will be contacted upon completion and charged $1.00 per hour of actual print time.