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New Student Guide to Library Services: Computers & Laptops

Learn about the RCC Anne Moss-Biggs Library and the ins-and-outs of information literacy

Computer Access

The first floor of the library has desktop computers for student use. These computers are equipped with a variety of office software for student use such as the latest version of the MS Office Suite, Adobe Reader, as well as, access to Quickbooks software. Computer access is operated on a first-come, first serve basis. There is no time limit for RCC students' computer use.

In addition to desktop computers, the library has laptop computers for in-house use.  RCC students may check out a laptop by presenting a valid RCC Student ID/Library Card to the front desk staff. Laptops must be returned to the front desk before leaving the library. Laptops cannot be checked out for use outside of the library or overnight; library equipment is strictly limited to in-house use.

Lab assistants are available to assist you with basic computing tasks such as printing documents, making copies,


Wireless Capabilities

The library is also a wireless facility in that students may use their laptops, as well as library laptops and tablets within the library. To utilize the wireless capabilities, select GuestRCC on your list of available networks on your device.

Note: At times, the library staff may limit the number of laptops checked out to students when wireless capacity is reached.

Accessing RCC Computers, Email and Moodle

You must enter your unique id to access the RCC Library computers, as well as, other computers on campus.

If you have never logged into the RCC Network and/or you are a new student, your password will be uppercase first initial, lowercase second initial, and your birthday in mmddyy format.  For example, Mary Doe was born on 02/12/82 so her password would be Md021282

The IT Department has created a Student Login Instructions document to assist you in using the technology on campus. You may view the guide here.


Email Access Instructions (per RCC's IT Department)

What will my  Office 365 Student E-mail Address be?

The format for the new Office 365 Student e-mail addresses will be .

Tip: Take your current network user name and add to the end of it.

Example: Network Username = jw12345679   Office 365 e-mail address =

How do I access the Office 365 E-mail System?

You can click on the link from the main website or go directly to the website at

What is the username/password for the Office 365 E-mail System?

To login to the Office 365 e-mail system, the user name is your network username. (Example:jd01012292). The password is your network password. This is the password you use to access the RCC computer network (labs, library, etc).