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Doing Research @ the RCC Library: Welcome

Your guide to academic success!

Welcome to the RCC Library's "How to Do Research @ the Library" Guide!

Use this guide to GET STARTED on your research and to:

  • understand the steps in the basic research process
  • find primary and secondary sources for your research assignments
  • evaluate sources and cite your sources in a standardized format


1. Brainstorming: analyze your problem, hypothesis or assigned topic 
2. Conduct preliminary background research to get a better understanding of the issue or topic
3. Develop your research question


4. Determine which databases you will use to do your research
5. Find books/ebooks
6. Find articles
7. Find other authoritative Internet resources 


6. Evaluate the books and articles you have found
7. Write your paper
8. Cite your sources according to the formatting assigned by your teacher


Research @ the RCC Library