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Respiratory Therapy | AAS: EBP & Creating Your Clinical Question Using PICO

Elements of PICO

P (Patient or Population)
I (Intervention or Indicator)
O (Outcome of interest)

Using PICO: An example

Steps of EBP

5 Steps of the Evidence-Based Practice Method‚ÄčASK QUESTIONS othe patient and assess his/her condition

SEARCH for the best evidence-based articles and books

CRITICALLY APPRAISE all of the evidence in light of the patient's circumstances

IMPLEMENT the care plan

EVALUATE the efficacy of the care plan and make adjustments, as needed

Understanding the Different Levels of Evidence

What is EBP?

Evidence-Based Practice ("EBP") is the process by which a patient care plan is developed.  

Clinical expertise + Patient values + Research evidence = Evidence-Based Practice