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ACA 122: College Transfer Success: Student Resources @ RCC

Topics include the CAA, college policies and culture, career exploration, gathering information on senior institutions, strategic planning, critical thinking, and communications skills for a successful academic transition.

RCC Campus Resources and Services

RCC Food Bank

"Red can with the word food listed horizontally in the middle. Black circle background"
RCC Food Bank
Free Food Help to RCC Students
Building 8, Room 804
(910) 272-3445 | Debbie Lowry

RCC Career Closet

"White tee shirt on black circle background"
RCC Career Closet
2 Free Professional Outfits per Semester
Building 14, Room 1459A
(910) 272-3429 | Audra Harris

RCC Single Stop

Single Stop

"Eight sided shape with Single Stop written in the middle"Robeson Community College’s Single Stop office is located in our Fred G. Williams Student Center where students can address a variety of needs while attending college. The Single Stop office provides an opportunity for students to access free support services and community resources that will help them achieve their academic goals. At the Single Stop office, students can screen for multiple community benefits (SNAP, WIC, Tax Credits, and Healthcare), get help accessing those benefits, and have a place to discuss ways to improve job skills and receive academic coaching.  Information and referrals to both on and off campus resources are confidential and free for Robeson Community College students.

 "Icons representing SNAP, WIC, Tax Credits, and Healthcare"