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Archives & Local History: Archives & Local History

A guide to the history of Robeson Community College and its surrounding community

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  • Anne Moss-Biggs Library Dedication ProgramThe mission of the Anne Moss-Biggs Library Archives is to preserve the "memory" of Robeson Community College (and its surrounding community) and to support the College's mission by collecting, preserving, arranging, and making accessible any documents related to the college and its constituents.
  • This collection is presented courtesy of the Robeson Community College's Anne Moss-Biggs Library for research and educational purposes only. Reproductions of the documents and images from this collection may not be reproduced or used for any commercial purposes.
  • The vision for the RCC Archives will be to collect, preserve, and provide a means for community engagement with the College and with local history. 

The Library is located in Building 4 on the Robeson Community College Campus.  The Archive Suite is located on the second floor.  Please ask a staff member for assistance. 

The Anne Moss-Biggs Library follows the RCC academic calendar for all holidays and school closings.  For library hours, please check the library's homepage

Need Help?

For questions about archival materials or general assistance locating library resources, please email the library at: or call (910) 272-3324.

Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Policy

  1. Purpose
    1. The Robeson Community College Archive (RCC Archive) exists to collect, document, and make available to the public materials pertaining to the history of Robeson Community College and its predecessor Robeson Technical Institute.
  2. Scope
    1. The primary focus of the RCC Archive is to collect materials relating to the formation and history of Robeson Community College from its founding to the current day. Secondary focus areas include the history of Robeson County, the history of the Lumbee Tribe, and Veterans of Robeson County.
  3. Responsibility
    1. Responsibility for the RCC Archive falls primarily upon the Evening Librarian.  Decisions regarding additions to the collection will be weighed against the stated purpose of the collection, gaps in the collection, space available, and the information needs of the community.
  4. Criteria
    Materials will be added to the Archives based on the following criteria:
    1. Official materials of historical or cultural significance to Robeson Community College or Robeson Technical Institute
    2. Unofficial materials of historical or cultural significance to Robeson Community College Robeson Technical Institute
    3. Materials relating to the history of Robeson County
  5. Collection Areas/Formats
    Materials found in the RCC Archive include but are not limited to:
    1. College Yearbooks
    2. Annual Reports
    3. Local Newspapers
      1. Clippings from The Robesonian and The Fayetteville Observer
    4. College artifacts & memorabilia
    5. Oral history interviews
    6. Curriculum course catalogs
    7. Workforce course catalogs
    8. College event programs (employee appreciations, retirement receptions, commencements, pinning ceremonies, etc.)
    9. College newsletters
    10. Student handbooks
    11. Audio visual materials such as
      1. Slides
      1. Photographs
      2. Digital slideshows
      3. VHS tapes
      4. Scrapbooks
  1. Research and Use
    1. The RCC Archive is not currently open for on-site research due to Covid-19. You can access our digital archive at If you have a research request or need help with archive research, please send an email to
    2. Materials found in the archives do not circulate and will not be permitted to leave the Archive.
  2. Donating to the Archives

    1. Please include a completed Deed of Gift Form (found below) when donating materials to the RCC Archive