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Job Readiness | Continuing Education: KeyTrain & Keys 2 Job Success Lab

Job Readiness

Job ReadinessIn the KeyTrain Program @ RCC, students are provided assistance with financial literacy, career exploration, interviewing, resume writing, and job search. This class leads students to certification with WorkKeys assessments and the NCCRC. It’s a powerful way to build self esteem, obtain real credentials, and be set up for success.

Employability skills, other known as “soft skills”, are skills used to get a job, keep a job, and be successful in a job.  Many of the soft skills that employers are looking for are communication and listening, working well with others, and critical and problem-solving skills.  Soft skills training center around attitudes, professionalism, work ethics, and life skills.  


Keys2Success @ RCC

The Keys 2 Job Success Lab is YOUR next level in career readiness preparation. An instructor is on hand to assist students with your specific needs.  Assistance is available for practice tests for WorkKeys, soft skills training, career interests and exploration, interviewing tips and techniques, cover letters and resume writing, job search methods and much more. This class leads students to certification with WorkKeys assessments and the National Career Readiness Certificate.  It’s a powerful way to build self-esteem, obtain real credentials, and begin your road to success. Tuition fee waiver available for individuals meeting criteria. This is an open entry and open exit lab, which means you can come and stay as long as you want.

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