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College Entrance Exams (RISE & TEAS): RCC Placement Test

Find resources to prepare you for the various entrance exams administered at RCC.

Placement Testing

RCC uses Reinforced Instructions for Student Excellence (RISE) to determine course placement.

Placement testing is used if the student has graduated high school more than 10 years ago and does not meet any of the other requirements under our RISE policy.

Reinforced Instructions for Student Excellence (RISE Test)

Students may be exempt from taking the placement test if their course does not require a math or English prerequisite. Students may also be exempt if they have official placement testing scores less than 10 years old. We accept NC DAP, Accuplacer, COMPASS, ACT and SAT. Please request an official copy of your scores to be sent to RCC from the issuing institution, if you have already completed a placement test and would like to use those scores.

Acceptance of Other Test Scores

Robeson Community College accepts other test scores such as the ASSET, ACCUPLACER®, SAT and ACT. All scores must be within five years.

Permission for Release of Scores from RCC to Other Schools

Students may request that their scores for tests taken at RCC be transferred to other schools by completing the Permission for Release Form.

Transfer of Test Scores to RCC from Other Schools

RCC applicants who have taken tests at other colleges should request to have their test scores sent to the Admissions Office. “Test Score Request” forms are available in the Admissions Office. Test scores delivered by applicants must be in a SEALED envelope with official signatures across the seal to be valid. Scores may also be mailed directly from the institution to: Robeson Community College, Office of Admissions, P.O. Box 1420, Lumberton, NC 28359.

RISE Testing by Appointment Only

Testing by Appointment Only

Students must have a current RCC application and official high school/college transcripts on file with our Admissions Department before scheduling to test. You may call our Admissions office at (910) 272-3342 or stop by Room 1301 in the Fred G. Williams Student Center to schedule a placement test.

Testing Accommodations

If accommodations are needed due to a disability, please contact Ronnie Sampson, Coordinator of Disability Services at (910) 272-3345 so that appropriate arrangements can be made prior to testing.

RISE Test Preparation

Students may prepare for the RISE Test by using EdReady.  EdReady will help you determine your readiness for college math and English.

RISE Re-testing Policy

RISE Testing is used to place students in appropriate level courses rather than for admissions purposes. Students who complete the college’s placement test are allowed only one retest in each English/reading or math tier. Test scores are valid for 10 years.